Why you should get your "memories" saved to DVD...


FACT #1: DVD's are a proven technology that were developed/invented in 1995. Most manufacturers report that a DVD will last over 100 years. Over time, traditional video tape starts to go bad. The picture loses color and sharpnes, the sound starts to fade, and the strength of the tape is weakened that causes rips, tears, even breaking. It may seem to look that the tracking is off or the "heads" need cleaned. Nope that tape is going bad, and the sad truth about it is there is nothing to be done to recover it. It just gets worse and soon your "memories" are gone.


FACT #2: If you are technicaly inclined - you can do this yourself. Just be prepared to spend thousands and thousands of dollars getting the equiptment. Also the time it will take you to figure things out, then more equiptment, more time, a part here, a set of something there...


FACT# 3: If you even want to watch what you have (and are lucky enough to have a functioning player/camcorder) if it breaks, do you know that it will cost you in the hundreds of dollars to get it fixed? And even more to buy a used/referbished/new one? Some camcorders are 25 years old and they are in so high demand that the sellers can sell them for what they want. They generaly only last 5 years before they break. DVD players are very inexpensive these days and can be bought just about anywhere.


FACT# 4: The lifespan of film is around 30-40 years. So if you filmed something in the 50's, chances are the image is not gonna look too good. Same thing with "tapes" just with a shorter life, about 15 years or so. The good news is that with the professional equipment we have, we can get your movies onto a DVD.


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