How does the order process work?

"I want to preserve my memories onto DVD, now what?"

If you choose to order over the web, complete steps 1-5

If you choose to visit our office, skip steps 3-5.

We are availible to help you with either option.


STEP 1: Collect all you video media and/or pictures that you want digitized and determine what you have (and an idea on what you want done). For some, it might be one or two 8mm videos, others might have a collection of different tapes. We've had small orders and very complex orders. A funny fact: 75% of our buisness is from people whom "found more tapes laying around".

STEP 2: Decide what you need done and choose a service for your needs. Do you want all of your tapes edited, or just copied? Maybe you prefer to do both. Remember, these are your memories and only you know what you want. For small orders, mark each tape with the service you want and for larger/more complex orders, combine them together in service categories. (Don't forget, you can call or visit us).

STEP 3: Place your order (along with a copy of the payment confirmation that includes your return shipping information & a valid email or contact phone number) into sealable/airtight bags, making sure to separate them (if needed). This will help protect them when shipping. We suggest that you use shipper that can both track and confirm delivery. Then put everything into a padded envelope or a box with protective packaging and send it to:

DVD Memory Creations

5955 Lake Labish Rd NE

Salem, OR. 97305

STEP 4: Once we recieve your order you will get an email or call from us to confirm that we got it and that we understand what you want done. This will also give us a better idea on the end date for the completion of your order. Sometimes people decide not just to copy them, to have them edited too. Depending on the size of your order, generally it takes about 1-2 weeks for completion, plus shipping. Rush orders have an added fee, per tape.

STEP 5: After completion of your order we will package it up safe and secure to you. We will email your tracking number to you.

STEP 6: After getting you media together, bring it on in to our shop at 5955 Lake Labish Rd NE, Salem, OR. 97305 - We will assist you in determining what you want your completed order to be. You will have an estimate of the cost of your project when you leave. When the order is done, you'll get a call from us telling you to come pay and pick it up. We do not require a down payment, just paid in full when picking up.


Send and email to:
in the subject line put: appointment needed
in the body PLEASE put a contact phone #
and what you would like to be completed.


5955 Lake Labish Rd NE     Salem, OR. 97305