Thanks for your interest...

Thanks for your interest...

DVD Memory Creations started as a business in 2010 by Merrill Frink and Daniel Loudermilk. Merrill was Dan's father in law. Previously known as Merrill Enterprises, Dan and Merrill worked out of their homes (Dan in Salem and Merrill in Keno). They both had full time employment and "edited" customer videos in their spare time. They decided that having one office location was a better plan. Merrill retired from OIT and Dan acquired an office right by the school bus yard, where he was a driver. Dan worked a split shift and had a few hours between routes to help with the orders. In March 2012, that all changed.

Merrill went into have a planned surgery and there were complications. He went home to be with the Lord. Dan took a short leave of absence from driving to attend to things. Then finished off the school year. Dan took the summer break to focus on the customers orders and building up clientele. When the school season started in September, Dan found out that there was no routes available for him to continue to "keep the doors open". So he was forced to resign from bus driving to keep the business open.

Dan was getting enough work from customers to pay the bills (utilities, lease, etc) but nothing left for himself. Not wanting to increase the prices of the services he decided to get things rolling into a different, more affordable location. With the counties approval, Dan filed the paperwork to have a "home based business" on his property. The cool thing is it actually doesn't have to be your "home" but on the property that you sleep. That is when he started turning an old building into a professional work space.

With a lot of work, research, and time the old shop was turned into the new location for DVD Memory Creations.


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5955 Lake Labish Rd NE     Salem, OR. 97305